Friday, April 22, 2011

Michigan Governor Snyder Targets Benton Harbor

In case you thought Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was satisfied with just going after education, here's another example of his new Emergency Financial Manager law in action. As expected, neither the Governor nor the newly appointed Emergency Financial Manager would admit there might be a conflict of interest in their decision to take over the tiny (and poor) community of Benton Harbor. How dare anyone suggest a hint of corruption in the fact that the man the Governor chose to serve as Benton Harbor's Emergency Financial Manager has a financial and professional stake in the new "Harbor Shores" development--an exclusive housing and golf community that they now want to build on the town's Jean Klock Public Park. JM

Maddow on Benton Harbor EFM takeover
By Ed Brayton | 04.19.11 | 9:31 am

Rachel Maddow had a segment on her show last evening looking at the controversy over the Emergency Manager in Benton Harbor nullifying election results and forbidding elected bodies in that city from taking any actions whatsoever. She specifically cited the Michigan Messenger.

Maddow specifically mentioned the Jean Klock Park situation, a story that the Messenger has been following closely for years — and most of the media in the state have been ignoring. A large chunk of that park, deeded to the city on the condition that it remain a public park forever, was leased to private developers to be made into a golf course.


Source: The Michigan Messenger

Here's Rachel Maddow's segment about Benton Harbor: