Thursday, June 9, 2011

MN Budget Round-Up

As someone who is awaiting my 'pink slip' from the State of Minnesota any day due to the looming shutdown, I am obviously following the proceedings in St. Paul very closely. Barring a last-minute agreement, it appears I might be taking an unpaid vacation starting July 1st.

Many from the Clay DFL were on hand at last Saturday's fundraiser in Detroit Lakes. We heard Senator Bakk speak eloquently on what a potential shutdown would mean for Minnesotans who depend on state services the most: the disabled, the elderly, the children, let alone regular folks just like us.

I told Senator Bakk that I was willing to make a sacrifice if it means Governor Dayton and our representatives in the DFL caucus continue to fight for what's right. There is too much at stake to give in to the radical agenda of bullies.

There are far too many articles to post separately, so below is a list that I consider keepers: