Saturday, February 1, 2014

DFL Caucus set for Feburary 4th

Come join your neighbors at the DFL Caucus on Tuesday evening, February 4th.

Caucuses opens at 6:30 pm, starts at 7 pm and must stay open until 8 pm.

Comstock: Alliance Township, Holy Cross, Comstock City, Kurtz Township

Barnesville High School: City of Barnesville, Humboldt Township, Skree Township, Tansem Township and Barnesville Township

Dilworth Depot: Dilworth

Glyndon Community Center: City of Glyndon, Elkton Township, Glyndon Township, Moland Township, Morken Township, Riverton Township, Spring Prairie Township, Viding Township

Hawley High School: City of Hawley, Cromwell Township, Eglon Township, Hawley Township Highland Grove Township, Parke Township

MSU-Moorhead Hanson Theater, Center for the Arts: City of Moorhead, Moorhead Townships, City Of Georgetown, Georgetown Township, Kragness Township, Oakport Township,

Ulen Events Center: Felton City, Felton Township, Flowing Township, Goose Prairie Township, Hagen Township, Hitterdal City, Keene Township, City of Ulen

Sabin Community Center: City of Sabin, Elmwood Township

If you are unable to attend but would like to serve as a delegate at the Clay DFL Convention, complete the Letter Nomination Form from the DFL web site and deliver to either Larry Nicholson or Mark Altenburg before Tuesday's caucus meeting.